Avery has once again lured me out.  This time it was for a t-shirt.  Yes, I can be had for a t-shirt.  The event was the launching of “the society for the pursuit of hoppiness.”  They had 90 memberships available last night – and over 250 people there to join.   I’m glad I got there early.

They combined it with the Maharaja release party.   The lines were out the door, down the parking lot and into the access street.   The Avery guys were walking the line pouring from bottles just to give people something to drink while they waited… to get a drink!

The double dry-hopped Atyanta Raja (Ultra-King!) was just fantastic.  It was like sucking hop juice from the vine.  Everything coming out of my body today smells like hops!  The Maharaja is consistently great. 

I had a few too many and enjoyed some great company.  Several of the KROC people were there and I met a grad student from DU who is remarkably versed on beer.  I gave him a card for the podcast.  We ventured off to Mountain Sun for Stout month.

I also bought a case of “Collaboration” so my friends can look for packages to show up soon.  🙂