For the first time I racked beer from a 6.5g carboy to a keg using a ss racking cane, a carboy cap, a beer ball lock disconnect, a bleeder valve and a CO2 cylinder.  I’ll post pics soon.  Pretty cool!!  The target keg was sanitized, CO2 purged and partially pressurized so the beer should not have been exposed to any air at all.   The rubber cap popped off once with a fairly large bang.  After giving myself a precordial thump to restart my heart, I put the cap back on and everything went fine. 

In the past I’ve been purging the keg with CO2 and using an autosiphon.  I’m pretty sure there was some amount of aeration going on.

I have to give props to Rick Bobbitt for getting me off my duff and doing this.  Thanks Rick!