I’m down to one partially full keg in the kegerator.

I finally finished the funky dopplebock with the persistent foam on top – thank goodness.

Out of necessity,  I’m going to violate my own rule of thumb that if “it’s less then 8% why brew it?” and brew a beer that I can finish off and keg within 2 weeks. 

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ESB and there was a recipe in the recent BYO column (another Jamil recipe) so I thought I’d go online  and get the ingredients. The recipe calls for around 3 ounces of Kent Goldings hops.  Okay, I’ll get 7 ounces as a lot of recipes I’ve been brewing lately are calling for that variety and it’s hard to find.  I also saw they had magnum and amarillo hops, and I want to brew a Dogfish Head 90 clone soon, so I bought 4 ounces each of those also.  I still needed simcoe hops, so I had to go to another online site to get 4 ounces of Simcoe.   Simcoe is almost impossible to find right now.

For those of you keeping track, thats 7 ounces Keng Goldings ($3.99), 4 ounces Amarillo ($5.99), 4 ounces magnum ($6.25) and 4 ounces of simcoe ($3.49).  19 ounces of hops at a grand total of $90.85.

Thats for two maybe 3 batches of beer.  I haven’t decided what to do with the extra Kent Goldings, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

I’m really still in shock right now.  I knew it was coming, we’ve been talking about it.  This is another area of inflation, along with gasoline, food, electricity… everythings going up except for wages and the value of the dollar.