So where were the kool-kids on Friday, November 14? We were at the KROCvemberfest at Helga’s! Okay, it was a little late for an Oktoberfest, but October was a busy KROC month and who needs the crowds? Four club members showed up – Jim Fixari, Mick Burgeson, Rich Krahl and Rick Hagerbaumer. Two significant others joined us – Tina and Carol. Helga’s has a seating policy that requires all members of the party be there, so we had a chance to belly up to the bar and sample some really great German biers on tap – Ayinger, Spaten, Franziskaner, Warsteiner, Paulaner, etc. High alcohol, high malt biers that are sure to give you a nice gemutlikeit feeling – if only for the night. The Octoberfest was the beer I settled on for the evening although the Bock was exceptional as well (yes – I’m being intentionally vague because I forgot to take notes.)

Once we were seated, we found our party next to another group at a long table. I was glad I wasn’t trapped in the corner – something to think about when you are strategically choosing your chair! The food menu was extensive. We shared the Bratwurst Sampler as an appetizer which featured several types of bratwurst, German mustard and for a dollar extra – a big pretzel. For the main course, Carol and I shared the Beef Sauerbraten which is marinated beef roast served in a sweet & sour brown sauce. Recommended sides, kroketten & red cabbage. The red cabbage was exceptional!

Jim picked this specific Friday because there was live music. Rich Krahl accepted a challenge and showed us his trumpet skills by actually making the alpenhorn make sound. Think of the massive long horns on the Ricola cough drop commercials. The female performer was truly talented with that horn! There were several Bavarian dancers there in full outfits – lederhosen, knee socks, suspenders and hats. The women dancers were decked out in their long dresses. Rick was pulled out on the dance floor by a very pretty, albeit very young Fräulein. One man had business cards proclaiming himself Prinz Alex, T.E.V. Edelweiss Fasching Prinz. He had a hat and cape I wouldn’t be caught dead in, but hey, he was working it! They were preparing for their Fasching Opening the following night. Please visit for more details.

It was a very fun evening. I hope more KROC heads go next year. The GABF is in September, so perhaps we can go in October!

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