12/15/2008 The December meeting of The Society for the Pursuit of Hoppiness will be a Hoppy Holiday Party at the Avery Tap Room

The Hoppy Holiday Party will be a chance for Society members to celebrate the holiday season with some custom Avery brews (exclusive to the Society of course) and reconnect with like-minded individuals.

I was very impressed with what the Guy’s at Avery did for this ostentatious occassion – the Society Meetings are always a blast, this time it was a hosted party! On tap was the Brett IPA, Night Walker (Redstone Ale with Farmhouse Yeast), Dry Hopped Ale to the Chief and Cask Conditioned Hog Heaven (first time ever).

The food was really good, an unexpected treat! There were hot trays with Chicken breasts, meatballs in a really good brown mushroom gravy, egg plant parmesan, pork tenderloins in sauce, salmon, salad and desserts!

We were also treated to a presentation by Scott Kerkmanns, Chief Beer Officer, Four Points Sheraton (if you missed that appointment, you are truly out of touch!) The presentation was titled “Certified Cicerone Program” and covered the different levels of certification available: Beer Server, Cicerone, and Master Cicerone.

Well done!